Gluten Free

Gluten free since 2007!

Engine 6 Pizza

Beginning in 2007, Engine No. 6 Pizza developed a gluten-free menu when several of our customers who suffer from Celiac Disease asked for the gluten-free option. Traditional pizza is not Celiac friendly because the crust is normally made from refined grains.

To meet the needs of all of our customers, the restaurant now offers not only gluten-free pizzas, but pastas, bread sticks, and desserts.

We have taken the opportunity locally to raise awareness about a variety of issues relating to Celiac Disease. Individuals living with celiac can have the freedom to eat pizza!

We take pride in making a delicious gluten-free pie with all the flavors of traditional pizza.

"I was diagnosed with celiac disease three years ago. This was the most amazing pizza I have ever had! I can't say thank you enough to Marcel" – Hilary Bessette of Windham, CT.

We are committed to offering gluten-free options for our customers

Engine No.6 Pizza takes as many precautions as we can to prevent wheat contamination with our gluten-free products and menu items. While we can't say our facility is 100% gluten free, we can say that since we offered gluten-free options, we have not had any reports of problems.
Here's why:

  • We have a special mixer dedicated to making gluten-free dough, and it's always covered when not in use.
  • We never make a gluten-free batch of dough at the same time we're doing our regular pizza production.
  • We always bake the crusts on special screens, which are dedicated for gluten free ONLY.
  • We always cut our gluten-free pizzas on a clean, flour free surface with a pizza wheel that we never use on our regular pizzas.
  • We hand roll our gluten-free dough on a clean, stainless steel surface, which never has anything but rice flour on it.
  • The rolling pin is used only for gluten-free dough. Same with the breadsticks and calzones.
  • Even our flour bags are color coded to prevent a mix-up of gluten free with regular wheat flour.

At Engine 6, we are proud to say you can eat in almost total confidence that you will not have any adverse reaction when eating from our gluten-free selections. Our gluten free customers rave about the taste, value, and peace of mind.

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